Tears Can Be Good Therapy


Despite my best efforts to be positive,  this morning I woke feeling overwhelmed by my anxiety. I talked to my husband about how I was feeling and my tears just fell. I don’t often cry and very rarely in front of others but I couldn’t hold it in this time. I guess I hit a wall. It’s helped though as I feel better for it. I just wish it was easier to let my emotions out, a lifetime of hiding them for self preservation is rather hard to undo! After a day by the river I’m back home calmer ( and a little sunburnt). The one thing that troubles me about my anxiety, is once something is resolved it anxiety latches onto another situation. I hope there is an end to it one day…


6 thoughts on “Tears Can Be Good Therapy

  1. claireodactyl

    Well done for letting go, I understand how hard this is as I have trouble letting go and crying aswell, I feel as though I am weak for crying…even though I know this is nonsense! It does make you feel good to let go.

    Try some breathing exercises for the anxiety, I’m sceptical of a lot of these things but find just simple counting breaths can help with every day anxiety.

    1. Fighting BED Post author

      Not crying, is something that I had against people that hurt me. It’s not really needed too much now but it’s hard to retrain myself. I will look into the breathing, anything is worth a try. Thank you.

  2. Sleep

    Hi Elle, that ‘wall’ looks like progress to me :-). Healing is about opening your heart, not closing it. You aren’t alone, it’s good to share your true feelings and tears with your husband instead of hiding them or suppressing them with food. You are being authentic and that will make you stronger, both in yourself and your marriage. Being present for your anxiety is hard I know, but you are doing the right things to keep getting better at managing it.

    1. Fighting BED Post author

      You’re right, I managed to enjoy the day and I’m finishing it in a much calmer and happier place. Thank you for your support Sleep, it means a lot.x


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