‘Just don’t worry’ Doesn’t Actually Help

I dont know how many more times I can hear that sentence this week. When asked about my current situation with work and the future I have expressed my concern for a) not knowing what is going on and b) the possibility I may not have a job soon. Now I get that people are trying to help and I should try and be more positive. But these are conversations intiated by other people. They have actually become mildly annoyed when I point out actually I have to be practical and look at what other opportunities are available to me. I can’t just stop working as there are bills to be paid. It’s safe to say tonight I’m a bit fed up, of people saying the wrong thing and my anxiety. I know it makes me more irritable but if I could ask you take one thing from this post its this; the next time you have a conversation with someone who has worries (anxiety sufferer or not) please listen. What they need to hear is understanding. ‘that sounds like it’s a difficult situation’ or ‘that must be very worrying for you’ is a much better response than ‘Don’t worry about it’. This only serves to make us feel worse, like our feelings are an over reaction and your not hearing us.Just be realistic, one sentence is not going to remove the bad situation is it?


Please feel free to share your experinces & thoughts.

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