Fragile = Danger


We all have days where we don’t feel well or are just too tired. These for me are the days where it’s so easy to fold, forget my progress and lapse.

Last night was one of these,  straight home from work and into my pyjamas.  I was exhausted and so was my husband,  so the third cook in the house is beckoned….Justeat. I ate my large take out because I was hungry and wanted comfort. The over full feeling was more difficult because I let myself down, again. It’s such a waste of my efforts in the gym and healthy eating. In the grand scheme of things, its one meal and I don’t want to allow a relapse because I feel like I have failed. But that’s easier said than done! I will use every healthy coping mechanism I can today, to stop me slipping into the ‘all or nothing’ mentality. I have raised the subject of finding an alternative for ‘tired’ days, such as batch cooking and freezing. But the most important bit I have to remember is to not be too hard on myself. It turns out I’m unwell and in bed today. I guess some days will be less successful and it’s ok not to be perfect!

Please feel free to share your experinces & thoughts.

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