Sharing My Photography For the First Time!

Roundabout Spin_0234 copy

Tonight is a scary one for me. I have decided to start putting photos on my blog. Not just one’s I come across, but my own work. I love photography and I love writing this blog, both of them are forms of therapy for me. So over the next few weeks (when I have the time to edit) there will be images popping up on lots of posts. They are personal to me and taken for a purpose, so where they may not be technically great, for me they say something. I’d love to have some feedback, be gentle though please:).

The image on this post probably gives an idea of how I feel posting these tonight. I feel as though I’m spinning just looking at it! I chose not to clone out the weeds, because like my writing, I’m trying to look at everything and embrace it.

Please feel free to share your experinces & thoughts.

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