Sunday’s Have Changed

Up until recently I considered days  to be for specific activities.  Mon-Thursday were work and chores etc. Friday’s were work and then relax at the start of the weekend. Saturday’s you go out and do family stuff and Sunday’s,  well those were for sleep and doing as little as possible!

I’m now training more regular and loving the difference my new diet overhaul has made to how I feel physically. The knock on effect effect is creating a nice cycle. This morning was not only a Sunday but my turn for a lie in, so when I woke at 8:30 I didn’t roll over and go back to sleep.  I actually jumped out of bed, got dressed and bounced to the gym on a high because I was going to train! After that I went for a walk in the local hills and then went back to the gym to teach my eldest to swim. This was all before 2pm and I feel a little tired but great for it.

So I think without realising it I have changed my outlook on my own time.  Previously the above labels were applied and then I’d fit my training around it. Now the gym and training is my time and I fit other stuff around that!

My eating has become really healthy and on the odd day where I relax, I only eat things I had before as my every day diet. Previously I ate a very carb heavy diet and then had lots of treat days on top including take outs. Those have pretty much disappeared and occasional eating out has become a game of how healthy can I make it (good fun and gives me a sense of achievement, without restricting). I can’t remember my last binge and would have to look in my food diary to see when it was. This is progress and I’m doing great!

Please feel free to share your experinces & thoughts.

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