The Big 50!

My last post set my count to 50. This is quite a surprise to me (I know, odd since I write this blog) as I hadn’t kept count of my posts. This simple milestone shows that I have put in more effort to recover than I realised. It’s significant to me because finding alternatives to binging was a big part of this journey and I have succeeded. Many nights I have written a post and pushed past the urge to eat or occupied my thoughts with what I could write. My post can often be in clusters, those are the times i write instead of letting negative thoughts and feelings take over. Right now I have eaten a healthy dinner and I’m avoiding snack on something sweet. I don’t need it and will likely overdo it if I start. These times are not easy but this blog is great therapy for me.

The blog views count is also way beyond anything I ever expected now. I even have a growing list of followers ( it hadn’t occured to me that would happen.) That’s so many people seeing that they aren’t alone or having a window into life with an eating disorder. Which is great!

When I feel stronger I will step up my efforts to share my blog further afield. The more we all talk, the more people will understand this mental health issue. I would be grateful for any shares as far as you can send them, It may just reach someone who needs support in their own recovery and hasn’t yet found it.

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