We Can Choose To Be Happy

In a world where worries and anxiety have a strong grip, sometimes taking back control can be a simple as making an effort to smile. On days we can manage it, looking for the positives and holding onto them can push us through another day. The more we can achieve these happy days, the closer we are to those being the norm.

Most people don’t know as they walk by or sit next to us, the internal struggle we face. So it stands to reason, those that we see may well be facing their own struggles and pain. If we smile and go out of our way to open a door, let someone pass or aknowledge they are there, just maybe we can share that positive energy. Those gestures make such a difference to me on a day where I want to have someone just hug me but can’t say it. Seeing someone else respond in kind can lift our day too. Maybe tomorrow you could smile at someone, say hello or make a kind gesture. Not for reward but for the opportunity to change someone elses day for the better.

1 thought on “We Can Choose To Be Happy

  1. ingtnfqvnzz@gmail.com

    I won’t tell you anything new, but this is just the same with everything in life.
    You’d think experience teaches us at least anything, but alas.
    Feel free to disagree but the world is changing, and none of us have no control over it.
    For instance, If only Barack had any balls to put Putin to his place, but it seems like it’s never happening, welcome third world war.
    Great post, thanks!
    Sarah http://phyto-renew350i.com/


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