Time To Shake Up The Diet

I’m feeling ready for a new chapter, something to focus on the positive. I have already made some small changes to what I eat but now feels like a good time to give my general diet an overhaul.

Having my eating disorder has warped my ideas of what is a healthy diet. My general diet can often be quite far away from what is recommended when I research making changes. Any previous changes have always meant introducing restrictions, focusing on what I can’t have and what treats I can have. It’s all been about the negative and punishing myself.

This change will be a positive approach. My eating has led to me being unhealthy for some time now. So this is about being healthy, not the number on scales. I will slowly swap items in and out of my diet such as potatoes for sweet potatoes. Changing any bread, rice and pasta from white to brown. Using almond milk instead of sweetener in coffee. There will be many more and I will document them, as well as any changes I notice in myself. I feel really excited about doing this, perhaps because for the fist time ever I’m not pressuring myself to lose weight in a set time. I’m not making anything of limits it’s just all about improving and finding new foods that I like. With summer about to arrive it seems like a good time to start.

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