Something Has Clicked But It’s a Fine Line

I’ve had a hard day but I have stayed on track. Saturday night is normally a night where I will cave and have a take away, invetably followed by a lot of other food.

Tonight I passed on the opportunity and had a home cooked meal. This was just a normal choice rather than one that made me tense. It’s nice to know I’ve got to this stage. I started out not being able to choose anything other than binges. That was replaced by really trying hard and fighting my urges to do so. Tonight I have just decided to eat better with nothing more to it.

My challenge now is, can I stay in control over the evening? After dinner I have already eaten a few treats. I have the nagging voice saying that if I eat any more I’m getting into the realms of a binge. I’m stuck at home this weekend with sick kids again. This is making me feel anxious as I like to get out, especially on a weekend. Not having that makes me feel trapped. Although something has clicked I feel like I’m walking a fine line, between being well and slipping back.


Please feel free to share your experinces & thoughts.

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