A Little Thank You

When I started this blog I had no idea if anyone would ever see it, let alone read it. It was a project to help get some of my many thoughts and feelings out of my head and onto a page.  It’s good therapy for me, as once I have written something, it’s far easier for me to move on from it.

It has worked out, that by sharing by link in a couple of places I feel comfortable, it has had quite a bit if interest.  The more peole that view, the more positive I am feeling. This isn’t in a ‘everybody loves me’ kind of way. I’m really not that kind of person. I hate to be the centre of attention, blending into the background is my comfort zone. Writing here has let me open up but keep my anonymity, a perfect balance. It may seem odd if I said that I don’t share my feelings easily. I can talk to my husband and my best friend about most things. Even then there are often things I just don’t know how to communicate.

Without actually knowing anyone who visits Fighting BED it feel like someone is listening. It’s making a difference to how I feel and helping me on my road to recovery. So I’d like to say, thank you.x

Please feel free to share your experinces & thoughts.

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