Step 2. Regular Eating

Establishing a pattern of regular eating.
Stopping vomiting and misusing laxatives or diuretics

Following this section was quite an easy one for me. The second points don’t apply to me, as they aren’t one of my symptoms.

I already eat fairly regularly during the day anyway.  My daily routine allows for it.  Having children means that I try to set a good example too.  Although if you were to analyse my daytime diet, you would probably wonder a) why I’m not much slimmer and b) if I actually have a problem at all. As I have mentioned,  my problem normally occurs in the evenings and away from most people.

So this section has served a little reminder.  That it’s healthier for me to eat regularly during the day. To not allow running after the kids to be an excuse to skip meals. But the most important part is that I can eat in the evenings. I just need to limit myself to one snack. This is a much better approach or completely removing any food at night. Because as the book has shown, I simply set myself up to fail. The more emotional I am, the harder this is to stick to but ultimately it’s up to me to implement this and be consistent.


Please feel free to share your experinces & thoughts.

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