First Review

So I have come to the end of my first week. It has been a surprisingly great week. I would normally approach a new venture into weight issues with goals set far ahead. The focus being on what I wanted to ultimately look and feel like. I have discovered that this has been an unnecessary pressure I put upon myself.

I currently feel like I have been released from my own constraints and it is incredibly liberating! My goals this week were to monitor my eating and emotions and to only weigh myself once on a given day. While I haven’t managed the first task to the letter, I have been successful most days. The second task has been a harder one, but I have succeeded in this area too. I think the biggest change I have noticed so far is that I am choosing to look more at my accomplishment’s and giving less importance to my failings. For me this is far is incredibly important and a hugely significant achievement in its self! So for my first review with the book I am to re-read the first task again. Secondly I must answer these questions; Have I been monitoring? Yes, but there is room for improvement (I managed 5 days out of 7). The days that I didn’t monitor were days when I was extremely busy with work. There were no significant issue on these days and my binges didn’t change in significance. However monitoring has made me look at what im feeling when Im eating. Which is like acknowledging something that has been lurking but avoided at all costs. It’s dark, complicated and not easy to face head on.

Please feel free to share your experinces & thoughts.

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